Thursday, July 29, 2010

To those considering Cross Stitch

I have tried a large number of crafts however there are none that I have found that are as time consuming or in some ways more rewarding than cross stitch. This was the first craft I ever got into and I still find that it is one of the best ways to clear my mind. I cross stitch and listen to an audio book or watch a film I have watched before, for all those who think that it would be too boring to do on it's own.
Most people I show my cross stitch to say they wouldn't have the patience for it but I can tell you that anyone thinking of taking it up that while some patience is required watching your piece come together is amazing.
Anyone thinking of trying cross stitch I would highly recommend that you start on something small and simple. However you can quite quickly advance to larger and more complicated patterns. This hobby is very simple to pick up and I thought myself when I was a teenager. I have however picked up a number of useful tricks along the way. 
My very first cross stitch was of a watering can with flowers and I made a mistake in the placement on the fabric and it ended up off center. In most of the smaller projects, you should get one that's in a kit so you have all the required thread and material, you find the center of the material and the center of the chart, using the arrows on the chart, and you start there.
If you want to try this hobby I would highly recommend it.

Here is a picture of a project I am working on.

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