Friday, March 9, 2012

New bus project - response to comment

This is a response to Gemma's question as to whether or not I had another mini project in mind for my bus trips and the answer is indeed yes!

Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection - Florals

This is a really sweet set of four card designs from the Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection bookazine. I hope to do all four and perhaps put them in a long segmented frame. I haven't quite decided yet. I have started the first one and am having fun with it so far.

I haven't done much as yet but will add a progress picture as soon as I have something to show.


  1. Awww those are really cute! I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress on those :)

  2. They are lovely flower charts, they would like great in the frame you suggested, hopefully see some progress pics :D

    Have a great weekend

    Gem x

  3. Hello

    just joined your blog.

    I love those flower designs and looking forward to seeing some updates.


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