Friday, May 18, 2012

IHSW this weekend

Well the third weekend of the month has rolled around again and I had hoped to sequester myself away in my little room for the weekend and maybe, just maybe get The Dreamer finished once and for all.

Unfortunately it's not to be. It turns out I have a huge amount of college and career (such as it is) work to try and get done. Also a friend if mine is home from abroad so will be meeting him on Sunday. So will do my very best to get some hermitting in but can't make any promises.

Would be DELIGHTED if I could finish The Dreamer, finish my current mini project and maybe get page 4 outline of Oliana done. Those are my goals we will how many, if any I can complete.

Details of IHSW can be found HERE

Hope everyone has a great hermit weekend!

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  1. Hi

    Good luck in finishing The Dreamer. Hope you have a good IHSW.


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