Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mini backstitching finished

Well I finally got the backstitching done on my Joan Elliott mini project. There is still some french knots to do in the dress and some dragonflies around the figure but I haven't decided if I want to put them in yet . Any thoughts you might have on this would be appreciated.

Also there is text next to the girl but I'm going to wait until I know what I will use it for before I add this in because I am thinking of doing text that relates to whatever I'm going to make this piece into.

I'm  thinking at the moment of making out into a little hanging ornament that you can put dried lavender or something into. I think that would make a sweet gift for someone. So in that case I would make the text the word lavender or whatever scent is in it, so of you're interested in seeing what this will become watch this space.

Well here she is:

The Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection.

Well back to the study. Hope everyone is having a great day.


  1. She is very pretty. I like the dragonflies. Maybe the number of them that you add to the writing side of the design will depend on what writing you stitch?

  2. Oh,forgot to say thank you for following my blog:)

  3. I like here better with the dragonflies, I think. (Of course, I like dragonflies to begin with, so that influences my decision...) Either way, she's pretty. Grats on the (almost) finish!!

  4. She's so cute! I love the colors.

  5. I'm a dragonfly lover, so i have to say I like it with the dargonflies. This will be lovely done a a lavender bag! I look forward to seeing how you finish it!

  6. Hey hun! she is so lovely stitched up and the border sets her off great :) Well now I feel awful reading everyone else's opinions on dragonflies, because I really don't like them and like the design the way it is :S whoops! but its up to you in the end, its your project :) I love the finishing idea, a lavender bag sounds great

    Hope you are studying hard! :D

    Gems xx

  7. Lovely job. LOVE Joan Elliott!


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