Monday, November 26, 2012

All the X's

Well I worked a ,little bit on one of my floral mini's over the weekend and got all the cross stitches done and started on the back stitching.

I'm hoping to get this done fairly quickly as I have a few more to try and get finished for Christmas. I don't mind the back stitching on this as it fairly straight forward.

Third Floral Mini Progress - Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection - Floral
Have a great day all :)


  1. This is really pretty and sometimes the back stitching does make a beautiful finish - good luck with you Must Do before Christmas projects

    1. Thanks Melinda. I need all the luck I can get with trying to get these done with everything else going on.

  2. Isn't back stitching a monumental pita? I just on the final stages of an Oriental dragon by Teresa Wentzler. ThT lady LOvES her back stitches. I find if I back stitch as I go along, at the end it isn't such a chore.

    It's amazing what a pain it can be, but what a difference it makes!

  3. Almost complete, looks lovely! I'm backstitching for a couple of days on characters on a towel, so having fun with it too. :)


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