Friday, January 11, 2013

Ready, Set ....... YOTA

Just a quick reminder that the first YOTA post is coming up on the 12th of January. I am very excited about it. I haven't managed to get around to doing the button for this but I will try and get it sorted out soon.

My first YOTA post will probably be backwards progress, as the reason my first piece became a UFO was I made a big mistake in it and haven't had the heart to frog it all since. But that is what YOTA is about, getting those UFO's out and doing some work on them. So watch this space for my first update.

Also click on the tab above to see who else is participating in YOTA and don't forget to check in on their blogs and see their progress. If you would like to join us and try to make some UFO progress just go to the tab at the top and read the instructions.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you might have about making this a better experience for you all.

Looking forward to see all the posts.


  1. Oh my.... I somehow thought Yota was last weekend and was quite sad because I didn't have internet until today... I thought I had missed it ;-D Next thing up is... Where is my camera? I definitely went into a box and I am pretty sure it went out of a box in the new place, but I can't find it ;-D So maybe my post will be a bit late ;-D

  2. It will normally be the first weekend of the month but I made the first one the second weekend to give people some time to do some stitching. Don't worry about posting late, it's all about fun, stress free stitching. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. hehe I stitched on mine on New Years day but I got stitches in for the month so it counts! Sorry to hear about your frogging, hopefully it won't delay your progress too long :)


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