Monday, April 15, 2013

Plan collapse

I know I said that I was working on a plan but, that completely fell through. I ended up doing some work on Clara as I had some block colour work to do. I did manage to get the rest of the top of the hat done so I am happy with that. I will try making some progress on my plan again during the week, though I'm not sure how well that will work. I am enjoying working on Clara so much I might keep working on page 2.

HAED - QS Clara
I really should not make plans as they never work out. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. My plans never work out either. I always find it is better to stitch what you feel like stitching.

  2. Clara looks great! Plans never cooperate with me either. But the stitching is always fun.

  3. Great progress. Love the colors.


  4. It's like watching her come to life as you fill in the color! She's looking great. And we don't need no stinkin' plans;)

  5. You could try to make a plan of working on Clara during the week! ;-)
    If you fail, you may stick to your original plan and if you don't, sou stick to your new plan ;-D

    I love how Clara is turning out =) The hat is so pretty =)

  6. Love the color :-). Feels like coloring with thread doesn't it? Beautiful piece!


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