Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Second mini scented pouch

Here is the second of the mini florals which I am making into little hanging scented pouches. I still have another 2 to do but I think this looks well. I still need to make the muslin bags for the filling. The first one didn't turn out as well as I tried dropping the opening nearer the bottom. However this time I left it in the centre which I think looks a lot neater.

Maria Diaz Mini Floral

Ornament back
Also I have not forgotten that I said I would do a tutorial for these. I was having trouble with my machine which I think I may have managed to fix so I will do the tutorial this week when I am doing the third one.


  1. Neat idea and a cute finish. Really like the backing fabric.

  2. Gorgeous! Looking forward to your tutorial!

  3. Really cute. I'd love to see your tutorial.

  4. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    I love this finish and the backing material is perfect.
    Your stitching on your blog is lovely.
    Bye for now.


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