Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First SomeBunny Finish

Well I managed to get my very first SomeBunny to Love finished. I just put the last of the backstitching into it. I just adore how cute he is. I think my French Knots also came out quite nicely on this so am happy all round.

So TaDa:
Special Delivery - Somebunny to Love - Cross Stitch Crazy 168  
The technical stuff: this little guys is from Cross Stitch Crazy issue 168 and is called Special Delivery. I have stitched him on 28ct jobelan evenweave in antique white. I am delighted I used evenweave as the backstitching would have made Aida really horrible to work with.

I hope you like him. I am planning on doing some more of these little bunnies but for now I need to work on my YOTA piece and finally actually have an update for this month.


  1. Definitely one cute bunny! Well done.

  2. Oh, he turned out so cute!!!

  3. such a cute bunny

  4. So cute =) congrats on your finish!

  5. Adorable little bunny, congrats on your latest finish!

  6. Congrats on the adorable finish. I love the little bunny.


  7. He looks lovely! x urgh I am away this Saturday...not YOTA update from me :(

  8. Aww so cute! He looks so much better with his ears LOL. Congrats on stitching such a cutie.
    Alicia xo

  9. Oh I love him! Congrats on your finish ;)

  10. Too cute =D
    Very well done on the backstitching and French knots
    I succeeded in doing well my first one on a tatty teddy last week =D Happy dance
    I love your somebunny =)


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