Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sheepish hello

Hello all. I am sorry I have been missing the last little while. Things have been a little crazy. I did try and pull out my stitching with the intention of putting in a few stitches, but I just ended up looking guiltily at it then putting it away again.

I do need to get my SomeBunny done so I will have to just get to work on it, so will hopefully have an update on that soon. I have been making some of my Christmas gifts so I will do a post on those in the next few days, and I have also being doing some spinning of yarn, will also post that in a couple of days once it is washed.

I have now closed the YOTA sign ups for 2013, and opened the ones for 2014, so if you would like to join in please click the link below and enter your details as required. If you are unsure as to what YOTA is, just click the link. You are free to work on any abandoned projects during YOTA they do not have to be cross stitch, so if you have a knitting/quilting/crochet project you have been meaning to get done, please feel free to join in with us.

YOTA 2014

Hope everyone is doing well and I should have a crafting post for you all in a few days.


  1. I know the feeling of not getting any stitching done, though lately it's going better.
    I haven't done a lot of stitching this year so actually all my projects feel like UFO's. And somehow I ended up with a lot of them. So I guess it's a good idea to sign up for the YOTA 2014 and hopefully get some of them finished. :)

  2. Yippee. I just signed up. I will be working on Bothy Threads cut thru North Pole House.


  3. Yep I've signed up again too! I managed to finish one old project this year...lets see if I can make it two for two :)

  4. Hope everything will get better and you'll find the time to enjoy your stitching! Hugs to you sweetie!!

  5. I hope you will soon find the time and mood to do a bit of stitching =) I'm sure it will get better in time =)

    I guess I will make another try with that YOTA thing. Life is back to normal again and I guess I will pull my UFOs out again ;-)

  6. I signed up again (after Linda twisted my arm). Hopefully I'll do better this year and make progress on Universal Unity!


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