Friday, September 26, 2014

A Reminder and a Teaser

I wanted to give everyone a reminder that the closing date for sign up for Mega Mini Month Madness is the 28th of Sept so if you wish to participate and haven't signed up yet, click HERE.

In order to get you all hyped up for a month of mini projects here are two I finished off last night.

First my Swirly Sheep:

Swirly Sheep - Christy Schmitz -
Back of above piece
The second is my own Portal pattern which I made into a mini cushion:

Portal Block Dispenser - Pulltheotherthread
So I hope this has made you all excited about getting your own mini's done.


  1. Love both of your finishes especially the Swirly Sheep.

  2. Those are fantastic finishes! I love the swirly sheep because she(he?) is so cute.

    I have to admit, I own both Portals and just have never gotten around to playing them. My friends are horrified.

  3. Yep! I am almost ready. I have been pulling charts and kitting them up too. I really like the grey fabric choice you made.

  4. I just wanna hug the swirly sheep. So cute, and I love the colors!

  5. Congrats on the cute finishes. I really like the sheep.


  6. Lovely finishes and that too so quick!!
    I have signed in for the SAL but is stitching enough or the piece has to be turned into something ?

  7. Great finishes. Looking forward to getting some stitching and finishing done for your challenge....still got to look out the threads for the designs I have chosen :)

  8. Beautiful finishes! What color floss did you use on the sheep?

  9. sweet them so much x


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