Monday, September 15, 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness

Well I mentioned my plan to do this in a previous post. I would like to get some mini projects done, especially with Christmas swiftly approaching, so I decided that for the month of October I am going to work only on mini projects and see how many I can manage.

As SAL's are ALWAYS more fun with others I am opening this for anyone to join. I know a couple of people expressed an interest so anyone who would like to join please leave a comment or email me.

There are going to be a few rules attached:
1. You must post on your mini progress once a week in the month of October. It doesn't matter what day so long as you have 5 posts by the end of the month
2. They can be any mini projects you like, no themes attached but please do keep them to mini projects, as in ornament/card sized projects
3. Those without a blog are free to join in, you can email me the pictures of your progress and I will post them on your behalf but please be aware that the 5 post rule also apply.
4. For those who join in and post their mini progress each week I will do a drawing at the start of November for a €25 voucher (or equivalent in your local currency) for an online store of your choice so long as they do e-vouchers.

I will do another post with a sign up once I have an idea of the amount of interest.


  1. I've been debating putting together a few ornaments this year, this might give me some motivation!

  2. Yay! I'll be stitching along for sure! Would cards qualify too?

  3. Hello!

    I would like to join you please.

    Lovely Smenbunny in your previous post.

  4. Oh, yes, please. This should give me the motivation needed to get a dent in my pile of cover- and mini kits. Do biscornus count as well? I've got one that was half done before i lost the chart and it went into the Ufo pile...

    1. Biscornus do indeed count as they are nice and small. So glad to have you joining in.

  5. I really shouldn't. ..but I will!

  6. I'll join you. It should be fun.

  7. Ooh. I'm new to cross stitch blogging and I have a few ornaments I'd like to get done by Christmas so this sounds fun :)

  8. I'll have to think on it, but love the idea!!

  9. I would love to join you. Would the starts that I just posted on my blog count as mini?


  10. Is there any count for the number of projects?

  11. It is too tempting to pass up.


  12. Drat it all, I shouldn't but I'm in. They'll be much needed breaks from my HUMONGOUS projects.


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