Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stitcher's Dilemma

I am unsure of how many other stitchers have this problem or if it is only myself. Yesterday evening I knew I wanted to stitch but could not figure out what I wanted to work on. When this happens I can end up making a new start and then feeling 'new start guilt'  the next day.

In order to try and stop myself from adding another project to the WIP pile, I decided to lay out all my current WIP's, whether in or out of rotation. I thought that maybe if I worked on something I had not stitched in a while that it would feel different enough to stop me wanting a new start.

So there I was in our craft/study room with all my projects spread out on the floor. Still nothing was really calling to me but I did find that once I had all those partially competed pieces laid out before me that the thought of a new start quite lost its appeal.

I didn't want to work on Somebunny because the finish pressure was getting to me, nor on Elegance as I would have had to use a larger scroll frame. Both Autumn and Bridge were too big. So I went through my projects starting with the ones closest to the finish and working my way along until I landed on QS Clara. I knew I wanted to stitch on a HAED design and this one has a good amount of progress on it. It is also small enough to fit in my smaller set of Q Snaps.

So I packed up all my projects again and settled down with Clara. In order to combat the need for a something new I moved to an area of the chart I had not started filling in. I felt so much more content that I was working on a project already in progress but I still got to get away from my obligation pieces. Now I feel much more inclined to work on my other pieces.

Does this sort of thing happen to you? Leave a comment and let me know. Maybe this trick will work for me in the future and I will stop just making lots of new starts and never finishing anything.


  1. Oh dear it always happens and me start thinking about so many projects and them sometime started a new one too...oops..
    Enjoy stitching on Clara ..
    Stitchy hugs xx

  2. Hmm, that was a dilemma for you but I'm glad you sorted it out without the feeling of guilt!
    Before I set my own rotation/WIP list I looked into how other stitchers manage their stash and WIPs. I came to the conclusion that most go with the flow and however good their original intentions are, in reality they very rarely stick to their plans!
    I have a maximum of 10 WIPs on the go which include larger and smaller pieces. Big designs can get monotonous but smaller designs can give you that sense of progress and completion that stitchers often crave.
    I work on a project basically depending on my mood and what colour I fancy stitching.
    But NEVER feel guilty about starting on a new project - if that's what makes you happy at the time just do it. You only live once and, let's face it, blogland LOVES new starts!!!
    Apologies for the essay... my comments are never succinct!!

  3. Yes, I believe that you should work on what makes you happy. But if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the WIP, choose one that is closest to being finished. Getting something off the list can be a relief.

  4. I sometimes have this problem too :) I usually start something small and colourful, so that it doesn't become a UFO...

  5. I must be odd in stitchy land as I have more of a desire to finish my current project before starting a new one. Probably makes my blog a bit boring but that's okay it saves me money :)

  6. I do this all the time! Mainly when I am completely frustrated or upset about something, a new start usually helps. But next time I will try out what you did, sounds like a good idea.

  7. I think it happens to all of us. I know I've been feeling it lately lol.

  8. I am horrible about starting new projects and letting my WIP pile grow. One of my fellow stitchers at the shop is always joking around about how I'm working on something new (not always new but something different) I get the new start bug quite often. Maybe I'll try your suggestion and spred everything out.

    I also understand the not wanting to stitch because of deadline pressure. I got like that with my last finish the bibs. I haven't even wanted to touch a needle since I've finished.

  9. I do think it happens to many of us from time to time. I usually just try and stick with what's in my rotation if I can!

  10. This happens to me often!! The new start guilt...heheeh. Glad you found something to work on! I have my WIP's near my stitching area so I pull on one or the other until I want to stitch on it!

  11. The more starts the merrier I say. Wait till you see what I'm doing.


  12. Good that you successfully overcame the urge for new start. Since I started stitching actively two years back, I don't have an intimidating pile of WIPs but I have caught that bug of new starts from fellow bloggers;) it is increasing every month.
    I face a similar situation in my crochet projects too. But so far I have managed not to give into new start urge. Perhaps, switching from crochet to cross stitch and vice versatile, helps me to control the dilemma .

  13. I love the way you think! Thanks for sharing this post. I am constantly starting things and then feel bad when they get neglected. While I'm stitching one thing my mind is darting around and thinking about all the wips that I should be getting to. So this is a great way to combat that, however to pull out all my wips and set them out I may need to extend my house! :>
    xo Alicia


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