Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fabric Count

On every pattern a fabric type will be recommended, the other things suggested here will be the 'count'. For example my HAED Aveyond is being stitched on 28ct (count) evenweave. At first I really did not understand what count meant or if I got a different count how that would effect my work.

The count of  fabric is the number of threads or boxes per inch of material. A 28ct eveneave will have 28 threads cross and down per inch either way. A 14ct aida will have 14 boxes across and down per inch either way.

In most cross stitches stitched on evenweave or linen you work across two vertical threads and two horizontal threads (though there are exceptions) in order to make a box. This means that a 28ct evenweave is equvilant to a 14ct aida.

In simple terms the higher the count the smaller the stitch, the lower the count the larger the stitch. In higher count fabrics you can get alot more detail and the finished result will be smaller.

Just be careful while you can replace the recommended count fabric with one you are more comfortable with, the count does effect the finished results size, therefore if you choose a low count fabric when a high one was recommended the finished piece will be larger, sometimes considerably larger.

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