Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evenweave V's Linen

Ok here is a little showdown between evenweave and linen. Even if a pattern suggests one if you feel more comfortable using the other then feel free.

As I mentioned in my post 'Material-Types' evenweve is more uniform than linen all the threads are the same and there are no slubs. A 100% cotton and some mix material evenweaves are truely lovely to work with as they can be soft, so your hands do not get sore handling it, and very flexible. However it really needs to be worked on in a frame in order to keep the correct tension.

Linen on the other hand is a little coarser and stiffer than evenweave. However the variations and presence of slubs can really add that little bit of difference to you work. I also find that it is a little easier to work with if I do not have a frame handy.

You can get evenweaves with are a mix fibre, some have a mixture of cotton and linen giving it a slightly coarser texture than the cotton and is also slightly stiffer.

Which to use is simply a matter of preference, if you feel more comfortable working with one or the other then go with that.

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