Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am on a real cross stitch kick right now so sorry for all the stitching related posts.

When I started my HAED Aveyond, there was alot of advice about which material to use. However as most of the projects I had done before were all made up into kits I did not really understand alot of it.

I have learned a bit in the last while so here it is.

There are different types of material suggested for cross stitch, Aida and evenweave/linen. There are lots of  brands and colours of each type. In simple terms Aida is the one with noticable boxes, evenweve/linen works over individual strands. Working with Aida is perfect when your starting as it is very easy to see where to put your stitches. However do not be daunted by evenweave as it is very easy to get into a rhythm.

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