Monday, September 27, 2010

HAED Stitches and fabric counts

I have made a discovery from doing different HAED charts on different fabric. My first chart Aveyond is stitched on 28ct Laguna evenweave using 2 over 1 tent stitch. I tried 2 over 2 full cross stitch, which I found too bulky, and 2 over 1 cross stitch, which I didn't like the look of either.

I then started another chart on 25ct Dublin linen I thought 1 over 1 full crosses would be the way to go so that's what I tried. However after a few hundred stitches I found I didn't like the coverage so I tried 2 over 1 crosses and love the coverage. It isn't too bulky and the stitches are relatively easy to place.

I then started a chart on 25ct DMC Magicguide evenweave. Going on the experience of the 25ct linen I started with a 2 over 1 full cross. It started well enough but once I introduced more than one colour things became very tricky. The stitches were far too bucky. So I went with a 2 over 1 tent instead, which is doing the job very nicely.

You may well wonder what my point is here. Well basically it is that your fabric type will dictate the stitches you use as much as the count and just because a stitch worked on one fabric type of a certain count does not mean that it will work an another type of the same count.

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