Thursday, November 15, 2012

Engaged in battle....with myself

I have been fighting myself a lot lately. I have made two decisions, 1. no more starts 2. no more buying of craft stuff. However the big problem with both of these is, that things are really hard and stressful here at the moment and new starts and stash usually help cheer me up (until I get the credit card bill that is). However I have so much craft equipment that at this point it just seems like a pointless waste of money. I keep buying more and it just gets put on the pile

Now I'm not saying that I well never ever again buy any stash but I'm definitely cutting down on the amounts of stash I accumulate. Not only does it seem like a waste of money but I also do not have the space for any more. I have a load of craft stuff stashed in my parents house as well as taking up the majority of our study room at home.

The second rule about no more new starts, well the reason for that is simple: I want some finishes. I have a large number of cross stitch WIP's on the go at the moment and I just keep starting new projects without finishing any. Also all my other crafts like card-making, knitting etc etc etc are suffering from lack of attention.

This is partly why I have organised YOTA, to try and make some progress into my 'started but not finished' project pile. My big problem, I love new starts. I have so many projects I really want to get started on that I just keep starting them, but then as I have so many on the go, I make little progress with them. So you see my dilemma, I love the starts but I want the finishes. This is going to require some major self control on my part.

The other problem with my constant stream of new starts is that when I look at how well other people are progressing on their projects I feel really bad about my own. This then leads to dissatisfaction with my own cross stitching and honestly takes some of the fun out of it.

So here is the deal I am making no new starts. I want to finish Elegance of the Orient, all my Christmas projects, half of Bridge of Wings, work on Majestic Peacock (for YOTA) and all of QS Fairy with Butterfly mask. How well I manage to stick to this, I don't know as usually I really hate self imposed limits like this but I think it is really necessary. There are 2 exceptions to this rule (of course). The first is that I want to do the HAED BB SAL next year with the aim of actually doing it. The second is that sometimes I like to bring mini projects to work and carry them around so I can work on them when I have some spare time these ones I will rotate in and out as I complete them.

Well that is kinda my plan. If anyone is interested in YOTA, please click on the tab at the top and join in with us to get some of those WIP's and UFO's finished (they can be in any craft not just cross stitch).


  1. I must say that I admire your progress on Bridge of Wings. All that confetti and you are still managing actual progress.
    But I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't have the time for stitching and I haven't paid so much attention to my other crafts. I'm getting back into knitting an reading, so stitching will maybe get a bit less (especially since I JUST managed to finish my goal for this year!) On the one hand I want to start 16 million projects until yesterday, but I also feel like I should get some progress done. So I plan to concentrate on my "old" projects next year. Yes, there is the Haed SAL (and I just love Theatre of the Absurd.........) and again I want to start and finish it ;-)
    But I will not start Eternal Promise so soon, I will give it a few months...
    And wonderful to hear your opinion about more stash. I often think that I have enough stash and therefore I will take a break from buying that stuff ;-)

    I'm so glad you are hosting that YOTA stuff, I hope it will give me a big kick to work on my UFOs ;-)

    What I really want to say is that I appreciate your decision and hope it will work for you and make you - most of all - happy =)

  2. These are two things I struggle with myself... I love the call of a new start, and I love stash. But I literally have no more storage space for stash, and I feel terrible about hoarding so many things that will either not get done, or that I don't truly love. I feel like I should be letting them go so they can be appreciated by someone who will truly enjoy them.

    And while I do finish a lot of projects, it seems like this year hasn't been so good for that. Or I throw another project into the mix immediately after finishing one, instead of giving some love to things that are half done.

    I need to check out YOTA. :)

  3. I know what you mean.I have started a few kits but now I want to see more finishes.x

  4. Hello

    i found you through another blog.
    You have some lovely stitching on your blog.
    I only work one project at once but I keep buying stash too!
    Good luck with your new plan and have a good weekend.

  5. Am joining YOTA. Part of the reason is because I need to stop buying, its impulse and borders on hoarding. Well in my mind it does. I think joining in this YODA will keep me somewhat grounded.


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