Thursday, February 23, 2012

QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask progress - 23/02/12

This is my progress on QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask. I have now completed the second goal of my rotation, finish page 1 of this chart. I do love the colours on this and I think the eye looks great.

QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask - 23/02/12

However the confetti on the eye was just murder. Confetti isn't too bad except when it is only one stitch per colour for about 30 colours, that is when it gets really difficult. The eye even though it is a relatively small area took a long time to stitch. At the moment I am not looking forward to stitching the other eye. Hopefully though by the time my rotation for this piece comes around again I will have gotten over it.

Next in the rotation is Elegance of the Orient , my goal for that piece is the under skirt. However I think I may do some other crafting before moving onto this part of my rotation or maybe indulge a different hobby.


  1. Butterfly Mask is just gorgeous! I LOVE all those bright colors! I'm completely with you on the confetti....such a pain but so pretty!

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous, trying to work out how I've never noticed this chart before. That's some serious confetti, congrats on achieving it!

  3. I know what you mean, talking about the detail stitches in the eye. I find all HAED eyes are like that, but so well worth the effort! Looks stunning!


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