Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been having a lot of problems with trying to set up a rotation.

Explanation: (For Beginners) For anyone who is wondering what on earth I am talking about, a rotation is basically a schedule of WIP's to be worked on. For example someone with three HAED WIP's might work on one page until they finish that page, then move onto the the next and do a page on that, and so on.

So back to my rotation issues. I have been following some people on forums and blogs and found that those who had a working rotation seemed to be getting a lot of work done on each piece. However anytime I tried to start a rotation and told myself I should work on a particular piece I lost interest and switched to a different piece. However my WIP's are getting out of hand and I really want to make progress on some of them.

To that end I asked some stitchy friends on a forum for some advice, and having evaluated how I work when crafting I have decided to try a rotation based on goals. This means that I will set a certain amount of stitching that I would like to get done on a particular piece before moving on, doesn't matter how long each goal takes.

Also I have decided to restrict myself to 4 WIP's, these will be The Dreamer, QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask, Elegence of the Orient and the HAED BB SAL SK Forbidden Doorway. Once one is finished I will then bring in another of the unfinished projects I have waiting in the wings into the rotation, keeping it always at 4.

My first rotation therefore will be: complete the boarder on The Dreamer.
Finish page 1 of QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask.
Finish the pink/yellow under skirt on Elegance of the Orient.
Stitch two vertical rows of SK Forbidden Doorway.

I think doing it this way I have very set goals I want to reach and I can see them coming together as I work on each piece.

I will let you know how well or badly I get on with it.

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  1. I think that's a great idea! I recently implemented a 10 hour rotation schedule and really like it so far, but that's only because the goal-oriented schedule didn't work for me. It's interesting how everyone has a different stitching approach. I hope your new schedule works for you!


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