Monday, March 19, 2012

IHSW Progress - such as it is.

Well I hope everyone had a great IHSW. Mine wasn't fabulous as I had a lot to get done this weekend. Saturday at work was so hectic by the time I got home I was absolutely exhausted. Then had a large number of things that needed to be done on Sunday so I wasn't really a hermit at all. Am a little disappointed as I was looking forward to locking myself away and getting some me time.

I have been working on HAED Bridge of Wings for the last week. I know it's really bad because that breaks my rotation but I just felt like having a bit of a wild card week. Will get back to Elegance of the Orient this week.

So on Bridge of Wings I managed to get page 2 completed which had been partially done for a while now and I really wanted to do some detail work, even though that means confetti, so I moved down to page 7 and a little of page 12.

Here's my progress:

Hope you have a great week. Until next time.


  1. It's looking beautiful!!! The colors are fantastic. :D Sorry you couldn't hermit as much as you've liked. :(

  2. Progress is progress. It looks like a gorgeous picture.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I don't know how you move around on the mind can barely handle doing them in order! :)

  4. Oh goodness, I love the colors in this piece. Great job (and your stitches are flawless). :)

  5. My hermit weekend progress was not good either. I am always amazed at HEADs. You are brave to do

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Beautiful progress, I love the colors so far!

  7. Lovely orange colors in that piece! Its looking great so far.



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