Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh this is so very bad.

Well I have been getting some stitching done and I finished my current rotation goal on Elegance of the Orient. This means her underskirt is completely finished, except the back stitching.

Dimensions Gold - Elegance of the Orient.

I also got some work done on my Joan Elliott mini and I have to say it is a delight to stitch.

The Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection.

Now on to the Bad Thing. My OH has recently convinced me to try out Skyrim on the XBox. I don't know if anyone here plays it or has played but this is a hundreds of hours type of game and it is AMAZING! I am loving it. It is a wonderful fantasy game with great story, combat and game mechanics. Also its an RPG (role playing game), which I love. So now my time is torn between Skyrim and stitching! So my conundrum is - how do I sleep less and still function or make the day longer?!?

Now back to crafty stuff. My rotation piece I am now working on is The Dreamer and my goal is the finish. However this seems to be going so slowly, it makes it hard to motivate myself to work on it.

Some of you may be thinking I have the weirdest rotation ever. I set a rotation with the plan to stick with it but sometimes I'm really just not up for stitching certain things or projects. I found that while working on the underskirt of Elegance of the Orient, I also worked on Oliana and Bridge of Wings. However always having my rotation goal in my mind was a great motivation and while it took me a bit longer I enjoyed my stitching time much more.

Until next time.

PS  Photos added as promised.


  1. Hello

    I've never played Skyrim!
    Good luck with your May goals - hope you get plenty of stitching and gaming in!

  2. My hubby and my son spend hours a day on Syrim! :) Hubby even gets up early on the weekend to jump on and play! It is amazing...I've avoided trying it out for fear it will eat into my stitching time! :)

  3. I loveeee Skyrim! It's addictive. Wonderful stitching :D if only we had more hours in the day.

  4. Your EotO looks fabulous. As for the game, I may have to try it out someday. After I finish with RE five, which I've never played. I need to get the X box someday, lol.

  5. Skyrim is AWESOME! Don't worry, I understand your pain. Great stitching, though! I think you did a great job balancing your time!


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