Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outlining So Close.....IHSW Progress

So I signed up for IHSW again this month, however as usual I had very little hermit time. I did get some more work done on HAED QS Oliana Otter. I now only have about a half a partial page of outlining left to go. I think she is looking fairly well.

There is some black in her face and the otters face, which both look fairly creepy at the moment, but I will add that in when doing the rest of the colour.

HAED - QS Oliana Otter

So I have a little poll for you all. I have enjoyed doing the outline so much that when this outline is finished, I was thinking of doing another. I would like your thoughts on which one. They are all Hannah Lynn artwork. The first two are both quick stitch projects, the second two are full size.

HAED QS Duckling Discovery
HAED Melinda and Moohoo
HAED Amanda and Axel

I am drawn towards Melinda and Moohoo myself but what are your thoughts.

Have a great day!


  1. The outline looks great! Can't wait to see her colored in. :)

    Well my favorite is Duckling Discovery, but I really like Melinda's hair color.....blue and brown is my favorite color combination!


  2. Well of course I am going with Melinda and Moohoo, but I am a little bias.

  3. Its looking lovely. I love Clara but I think I'm biased bec its one I would like to purchase for myself. But any one will be fun no matter which you choose.

  4. Beautiful stitching! I love seeing this piece being done with just the black!! My vote is Moohoo...but mostly because I LOVE owls and because I have this chart! :)

  5. Your outline is looking great. I'd go with Amanda and Axel - love wolves!

  6. Excellent work on the outline =)

    I go for Melinda and Moohoo because I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls =) That owl is so adorable and I just wand that hat ;-)
    But all four charts are great, so I looking forward to see the outline on all of them =)

  7. No, people, go for Amanda and Axel, lol. I love wolves, and have a couple of charts of them. I vote for Amanda and Axel because it's gorgeous!!!

  8. I vote for Clara, I love this project and it is a quick stitch! Your current outline is lovely, so nice to see a HAED with shape!

  9. Looking great. I love watching these pieces come to life. Can't wait till you start "color-stitching." :D

  10. My favourite is Clara.


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