Friday, July 27, 2012

Can you guess.... .

I decided to do some of the outlining on one of the Hannah Lynn projects from my post the other day.

However I'm going to be really mean and not tell you which one. See if you can guess from this tiny snip. It is one of the four I mentioned. Click here to see the options. I will send on some goodies to the first person to get the right answer, so good luck.
I will reveal which one it is tomorrow.


Have fun. :)


  1. Hmm I would like to say it's Clara :)

  2. Not sure if my last post took...just in case, I'm going to guess it's Payton:)

  3. He he he, this is fun :)
    I'm guessing Melinda and Moohoo

  4. Ok, should have read the 'click here' link, lol, so going to guess Duckling Discovery...but they are all beautful!



  5. I'll guess Amanda and Axel.


  6. not the first , but I'm guessing Melinda and Moohoo too . X

  7. I think its Clara. I thought about Melinda and Moohoo, but I think the line is not so straight on that one and the angle is bigger. So I guess its Clara =)
    No matter what it is, your made a great start on it =)


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