Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A mini, mini update

Here is an update of the progress on a couple of my mini projects. I actually haven't worked on these in a little while but I should get back to them and just finish them off. It wouldn't take too long to get these two done.

The first is one of the little girl cards from the Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection. I haven't done much on this just her boots and a little more of the apron detail and things.

Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection - Thanks You Cards
Next up is third of the Marta Diaz floral mini projects. I have the two pink coloured ones done and am working on the first of the yellow now.

The one I am working on and my progress so far.

Third Floral Mini Progress - Ultimate Maria Diaz Collection - Floral
I told my sister she could have the four when they are finished so I must get a move on them. I thought they would look really nice all together in a four aperture frame.

Have a nice day all :)


  1. Your minis are coming along beautifully. The flower is lovely, but I must admit to being a Joan Elliott fan. Cute card.

  2. Nice work on your stitching! Love the floral mini.

  3. Wow I love the mini florals!! small projects are always a nice break (finishing is my favorite part)!

  4. It all looks great! It's nice working on smaller projects.

  5. The Joan Elliott design is coming along nicely. Love those floral designs, they will look great together in a four aperture frame.

  6. Hello

    Lovely stitching - I especially love the florals.

    Holly x

  7. Your stitching looks wonderful. Count me as another fan of your florals - they are so pretty :)



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