Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sorry - no crafty updates

It's true. I have no crafty updates for you today *sigh*. I have an assignment due for college in the near future so I have been working on that. Then during my break I play a little World of Warcraft, I get into gaming moods. I'm really looking forward to the next WoW expansion, but it probably means my crafting will suffer. Weirdly I have a copy of (close your eyes Joysze) Diablo 3 but still haven't started it!

I am really eager to finish page 6 of Bridge of Wings though so I must get to work on it. I usually work this projects in half columns, so I stitch all the stitches in one column, parking as I go to the half page mark (usually a little below), then I move over to the next column and do the same. When the half page is done I go back to the start and work the rest of the column, usually going onto the next page in order to finish all the blocks, and so on. So I have just 4 half columns left on page 6 and there isn't a huge amount of confetti. Although that it is still 2,000 stitches but once it is done I will be a quarter way through this chart and will have done approx 40,000 stitches.

I have to say I was surprised at the number of people who seem to really like the floral mini projects from my last post! They are quite fun to stitch, nice and easy, also easy to transport which is a big plus.

Have a nice day :)


  1. I feel your pain when it comes to Warcraft - end of September I might as well pack my stitching away for a couple of months! :(

    I was the same with Diablo as well - got it free because of the deal they had with WoW and have to even play it!

  2. Hello

    Good luck with your assignment.

    Have a good weekend.
    Holly x


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