Monday, August 27, 2012

Someone stop me.....

I am absolutely itching for a new start. Seriously I absolutely can not start any more projects. I need some super crafty support here guys. You all have to stop me!!! Wait a minute you guys are the worst enablers around :D I slipped on a wet grate on my way to work this morning and fell so feeling very sorry for myself, this is a bad time to resist the new start syndrome.

Here are the three that are calling to me:

HAED - Dragon Charmer by Josephine Wall
HAED - Ravene by Marta Dahlig
HAED - City of Wands by Ciro Marchetti

Now no enabling you guys. You have to tell me how terrible I am for even thinking about a new start and that you would be devastated to not see more progress on the current WIP's. Come on now I know I can count on you :D


  1. *runs away before she says anything*

    oooh that one is soo....nope nope, I won't do it!


  2. Haha I am trying to figure out a way to organise my threads to enable me to have more wips... So in keeping with that, I vote for Ravene as its absolutely stunning.

  3. Ok, here goes..."you are terrible for even thinking about starting a new design"....did that do the trick? Didn't think so!!!
    Ravene is just sooooo gorgeous.

  4. if it feels good i say go for it - and when i say go for it i mean go for dragon charmer - have fun with whatever you decide

  5. no , no new starts , though do like Dragon Charmer ,lol.
    We need more WIP progress !!!!

  6. The CraftyPrincess RAK'd me Ravene and mentioned doing a SAL with her maybe next year, so if you want to wait and join in with us, lol! I am going to vote to enable you for City of Wands, as I have never seen it stitched up before, and it is a gorgeous chart!

  7. Instead of starting a new project you could write to Randal Spangler and ask him to do a new design. Here is a suggestion: So many charts, so little time

    I love them all =) Especially Dragon Charmer, those colors are breathtaking.
    It's no use keeping you from starting something - the CraftyPrincess will soon turn up here and convince you that you are a wonderful girl who dearly deserves a new start ;-)

  8. City of Wands, PLEASE.. It will look amazing...

  9. Hello

    Your stitching is lovely.
    Those charts are just stunning!



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