Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You lot are a bad influence.....

I did manage to resist the urge to make a start though! Though it is still a close thing, which could change at any moment :) One of the things I do when I really crave a new start and know that I REALLY shouldn't is, I look at the completed section of the Heaven and Earth Designs Forum. That usually makes me feel bad enough about the number of WIP's I have and that I still don't have a HAED finish that I don't start a new.

However I have managed to get a little bit more done on Bridge of Wings. Haven't had time to do a lot with work and study but have added another 1,000 stitches to page 6 - now only another 1,000 to the page finish, approx 40,000 stitches completed, which is about a quarter of this chart done. I don't have a picture yet, I will wait to finish page 6.

 I also wanted to watch a DVD on our main TV, which meant stitching in our sitting room and I was too lazy to go get my Daylight lamp and therefore couldn't see the colours on page 6 (as they are all pale yellows and peaches) so I made a start on the confetti heavy page 17, as the colours are darker. I only managed 800 stitches on this page but lots more detail, which I love (this is for you stitchstitchknit). I'm really starting to love confetti - so long as I am parking. Weird I know.

I will also be participating in the HAED Appreciation week in September 10th-16th, but I will not be involved through Facebook. I will just purchase a chart myself during that week.

Have a great day :)


  1. Have never tried the parking, it looks so confusing to me, I know there are those who swear by it.

    Love your suggestion of checking out the completed section on the HAED website - I am going to try it to stay motivated to finish one of my current wips.

    Bridge of Wings is just beautiful.

  2. Sound like I should definitely give parking another try. I am trying it at the moment, but since I only handle 2 or three colors at a time due to a lack of confetti, it doesn't make so much sense ;-)

    I am happy to hear that you enjoy the detail and even happier that you actually start to lave the confetti ;-)
    I'm looking forward to see a progress pic =)


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