Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bridge of Wings - problem solved, I think.

Well you might remember in my last post I said I was having a little bit of a problem working on Bridge of Wings on the scroll frame. Very noticable lines were appearing between my last few page 6 columns. In fact the columns themselves kind of look like little hillocks! Well I transferred my stitching back over to my large Q Snap frame and low and behold, problem solved. The think it is the fact that the on the Q Snaps there is tension pull on all four sides of the fabric whereas on the scroll frame it is only on two.

Anyway needless to say I will be sticking with my Q Snaps. I also managed to get page 6 finished, which  I was really delighted about as this is my 5th page finish on this one and that means I'm about a quarter done on this. Approx 40,000 stitches, so yay me. I have now started page 11 and 17.

Here it is:

HAED - Bridge of Wings

Well have a nice weekend all, I'm off to enjoy some more stitching time.


  1. Great progress! I am glad you had big enough Qsnap for the job!

  2. Great to hear that you could solve your problem =)
    Bridge of Wings looks wonderful, the details is stunning =)

  3. It's looks stunning already. Good to hear you solved the problem:)

  4. I love my qsnaps. Glad they helped

  5. That Looks actually an amazing progress! <3 it!


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