Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IHSW progress but not totally

So this weekend was IHSW and I got a little bit of stitching in. However not all of what has been done on this piece was done over the weekend. I have been working on Bridge of Wings page 17 which is the smaller lion type creature. It is good fun to work on.

However this is only half page 17, as I work half pages, and when I have done all the way across I will run out of space in my Q snaps, without moving the stitching under the Q snap clamp. As I really don't like doing that I will work as many pages as I can before I have to clamp over the existing stitches. This is because when I was stitching Nantucket Rose, I didn't take good care of the stitches under the clamp and a number at the bottom of her dress have been stretched and distorted.

Now I am careful to put a piece of white felt between the stitches and the clamp and I try not to tighten the tension on that clamp too much. This means that I will have to leave the rest of this page and move onto a different one, probably do the rest of page 11.

Now here it is:
HAED - Bridge of Wings

Have a Great Day.


  1. I so love this WIP. Thanks for the tip on the qsnaps, I have just recently starting using them, love them, but these little things are so good to know.

  2. Looking good. It's fun to watch the picture develop.

  3. It looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for the tip, too :D

  4. This looks great -- but all those hanging threads look so daunting. Probably why I've never tried a HAED.

  5. Bridge of wings is stunning! This is my first visit to your blog and i must say, I LOVE this project!

  6. Wow!! As someone who intimidated by HAED, this looks AWESOME!

  7. I'm using qsnaps, too. I should try putting in some fabric between the stitching and the frame, too

  8. And good work on bridge of wings ;-) It's awesome as always =)

  9. Wow this looks great! I really want to try parking, but I'm scared lol

    1. I felt the same way and tried looking for instructions on how to do it perfectly everywhere. Once you get into it through I find it feels very natural way to stitch. Now it annoys me when I can't park on HAED designs like on Olianna where I did the black first tho I am working thro it. Give it a try, email me if I can be of some help :)

  10. Bridge of Winds is coming along nicely! Great job :)


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