Monday, September 17, 2012

My all time favourite

Well it is Blog Hop time again. This time around the question is as follows:

What has been your favorite project to stitch? (either finished or in progress).

 My absolute, all time favourite project has to be Lavender & Lace Nantucket Rose. I started stitching in my teens, I started with a couple of small projects (which took me ages to do). Every year I go (still do) to a vintage car rally with my father and one year there was a woman selling some beautiful cross stitch kits, the Lavender & Lace ones. She had Nantucket Rose all stitched up and framed and at the time it took me an age to decide whether or not I would actually get this one as it was much bigger than anything I had worked on before. In the end I decided to go for it and my father gave me some money towards paying for it.

I spent nearly all of my summer holidays from school that year working on this project. It took longer than that to do, all in all I think I spent about 9 months on it. Finally I finished it and my mother had it professionally framed. It now hangs on the wall in the living room of my mother's house. I love to just look at it when I head out home as I still think it is so beautiful and I just love her hair and face.

Lavender & Lace - Nantucket Rose
 At the moment my favourite project to work on is Bridge of Wings. I love the detail and so long as I am using the parking method, I find the confetti can be quite enjoyable - mostly because in confetti you can really see the picture come together which I feel I can not really see in areas of block colour.

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  1. I can see why it's your favorite... It's beautiful!

  2. Lovely stitching and like Meari said I don't wonder why you like it so much.

  3. She is beautiful, and the story that goes along with your stitching it, makes it so very special.

    1. I have to admit my stitching has gotten me through some rough times.

  4. That is so pretty. Beautiful stitching and a nicely framed!

  5. I love how everyone's favorite pieces have a story to go with them, it shows how personal our hobby can be. Beautiful work :)

  6. This piece is just GORGEOUS! What fun to see everyone's favorites!!

  7. Wow... it's no wonder you love her. She's gorgeous. :D

  8. Miss seeing this one. Absolutely gorgeous. You must be so proud!


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