Friday, September 14, 2012

Come Back!

Well I think it is official, my creative bug has taken a holiday. I have been doing very little cross stitching or crafting in general of late. I still have the itch to do some stitching especially when I look at others in blog land WIP's and when I look at my stash it does make me want to do some crafty things. However when I get home, sit down and think what do I want to do every idea I dismiss.

I hate losing my creative drive, especially in the run up to Christmas, I really want to make my gifts again this year but just can't seem to get my head together. I was thinking that I might run a little Christmas MAL, like a SAL but it's a Make Along. Where other bloggers could post progress on their Christmas gifties on a certain date. Something like the TUSAL but maybe the first and third Friday of the Month kind of thing. That way we can all get inspiration from each other. I would also have a tab on this blog where everyone involved could link their blog.

Any thoughts anyone has on this would be great.

Wow an idea just came to me. I will have a giveaway - kinda ridiculous but here we go, I will give it a try. I will give a $20 voucher for HAED to someone. All you have to do is post a comment with a suggestion as to WHERE my creative drive may have gone - weird and amusing suggestions welcome :) I will draw the winner at random. I will leave it open until 30th September and draw on the 2nd October. Also leave your e-mail address too.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. It sounds to me like Summer may have taken your stitchy mojo with it when it left! The sneaky rascal also took most of my free time, my outdoor swimming and my suntan:(
    I know my lost things won't be back until next summer, but hopefully you will find new motivation soon! Thanks for the contest...this is fun!

  2. sorry....forgot my e-mail!

  3. I believe that the stitching "bug" has realised that its going to start getting cooler for you and decided to hibernate!! Lol scary thought buy that's what I felt like doing all winter. Now its spring and our storm season is here but it tells us that summer is coming.
    Thanks for the fun contest... My email is

  4. I think you creative drive and my creative drive have run off at the same time, lol! I can just imagine them in Paris, drinking wine and window shopping, blissfully unaware of all the stuff that "needs!" to get done on the crafty front. So if I locate yours, or if you locate mine, feel free to send her home sober (steal the wine!) so I can finally get some things done!


  5. I think it may be staying with me as I seem to have far to much at the moment..... do you want it back?


  6. I think your creative drive is off gathering ideas for gifts. Wish mine would do the same! I love the Make Along plan. And the contest is nice too. Thanks!

  7. I think your creative bug has been kidnapped by robotic aliens and is being held hostage until they can understand why we all enjoy making things by hand, or give up on understanding us crazy creative crafty humans!

    I hope they hurry either way, so you can get crafty again!


  8. your creative bug is tricky, VERY tricky.
    It decided to disappear, which would lead you to do just this give away (it can see the future). It thought "well, when there is a giveaway, people will spread the world and more people will turn up here and discover your blog. They will immediately be admirers of your work (which is due to your stitchy bug, so it is IN CONTROL!), so they will be kind of hypnotized (MORE control). Then you, my dear lady, will be motivated by this, create more things (the bug is never gone, it just hides to strike in the right moment), which will bring you more admirers."
    Then an even more tricky thought of your bug is: "She will miss me! She will notice it when I am gone! Muhahaha!" So, your stitchy bug is taking control of you, too.
    All in all I fear your bug is aiming for world domination.

    my email is ;-)

  9. Well I'm guessing that after my confession you will remove me from the draft.... but OK... I might have caught someone else's stitching bug... as I've been stitching much more than normal... so maybe I've caught yours by mistake when I was hunting for mine.... if that's so I'll be sending it on your way... but only I finish stitching is that ok eheheh :D
    P.S. Lovely giveaway your having, and my e-mail is

  10. Perhaps it was ill and had to take a visit to hospital...but watch out - it might become one of those "super bugs" I hear about on the news ;)

  11. Have you been outdoors and used something like 'Off'? You must be so careful not to drive off the good bugs, lol!!!

  12. I'm sure that it just has come down with a dreadful case of allergies and it will be back when it feels better. Mine always likes stitching more in the winter when it can have hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. : )

    tjtrax at charter(dot)net

  13. I think that after so much "crafty" stuff, your bug needed a bit of a break. Maybe it is off in some far away land, basking in the sun, drinking a Chocolate Martini and enjoying the atmosphere.
    Soon it will come back, refreshed and ready to go!

    (Hope it comes back soon!)

  14. It has probably gone on holidays along with mine as I have done cross stitch all through summer in the heat and it is still too hot to stitch so , that's it probably holidays preferably to a Greek island like Santorini!AriadnefromGreece!

  15. Sorry I am adding my e-mail although it is on my profile.

  16. I think your bug has followed the Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico, where it has gotten distracted by tequila and coronas on the beach! Once the bug gets that out of his system he'll hightail it back home totally inspired and refreshed ;D
    I hope he comes back soon for your peace of mind!

    my email is


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