Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally - something to show

I have been working a little bit on Celtic Spring when I have had a little time to spare. Life has been so unbelievably insane lately I haven't gotten much done.

I did manage to get her collar done which is great because she looked a little unsettling with her head just floating there. There are lovely beads in the collar and I should have taken a close shot of them but I forgot. I will next time I promise.

I am now nearly finished the dark purple part of her skirt so hopefully will move onto the light skirt soon, not sure when though.

Well here she is:

Lavender & Lace - Celtic Spring
I have managed to collect the charts for the other seasons over the last month or so. Now all I am missing is the Celtic Christmas one.

Have a great day :)


  1. She's lovely! I have recently collected all the seasonal ladies in this series but have not stitched any yet. I didn't get the Christmas one either....not sure I like her as well as the others. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of her. I have her in my must-do (in the next 50 years) pile :)

  3. She looks fabulous! She and her Celtic sisters are on my one-of-these-days-I'll-get-round-to-stitching-this list!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Im working on mine too ;)

  5. Beautiful! I love her purple gown :)

  6. She looks breathtaking =)
    So beautiful! =)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I love her colours and you've done beautiful stitching!! :)


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