Monday, October 22, 2012

I just love IHSW Monday

I know that may sound a little strange, but I really love checking out all the crafty, stitchy blogs after IHSW. I really like seeing all the wonderful progress. This time around it is especially nice because I got no time to do anything myself so I'm getting my stitching fix through all of you.

My Plum Brandy has started to turn a beautiful deep red colour and at the moment I am shaking it every day. I didn't include the recipe in my MAL post and I felt bad about not being able to share it with you all, so I went online and found a recipe for it. This recipe is slightly different to the one I am using but it should work just as well, just click: HERE. I hope you guys liked this idea, I find it is a useful present to give to adults (only) who are difficult to buy for.

Unfortunately my entire weekend was taken up with study so I don't have anything to show you, though I will try and get another late MAL up in the next couple of days. I think it will be a cross stitching progress one so keep a look out :) Also don't forget to have a look at what the others have made at Tangled Threads and Tiki Stitches for some great ideas on some Christmas makes.

Don't forget if you want to join in, just click the tab above. Have a great day all :)


  1. I can completely relate! About getting your fix thru others. Sometimes I get so involved with checking all my awesome blogs and then I think.....well I should have been stitching :O
    But I enjoy reading everyone's updates.
    I think the HM Brandy is a neat idea for presents!

  2. I can relate too! I love the aftershocks of ISHW ;) What a beautiful gift the brandy will make!

  3. I love visiting all the blogs! I hope you get some crafty time in soon :) x

  4. You are right, IHSW is a great way to wander through the Internet and see what everyone is working on. Your Plum Brandy looks scrumdiddyumptious - the perfect pick me up for those long winter nights :)



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