Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gift MAL

My gift MAL is late, so this is my MAL from 5th October. This is a strange one and I haven't tried it before so I have no idea how it will turn out.

This is plum brandy. The recipe is from the book The Perfect Christmas. This takes 3 months to make and I know I am leaving it a bit late but hopefully it will be ready in 10 weeks instead of 12. I will try it in 10 weeks and see how it tastes, if it seems like it needs a bit more time I will give it to family members and tell them it will be a little late.

So here it is the Kilner jar:

Plum Brandy

Last year I made Christmas Spirit from this book, which is a Vodka based drink which takes about 4 weeks and it was really nice and everyone I gave it to loved it. I am planning to make some of the Christmas Spirit again this year. I will be putting this into some nice fancy bottles like these ones with a nice label and festive ribbon with the ingredients on it:

And here is the book and my plum brandy together:

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