Friday, November 30, 2012

My love of WIP's

This is a post to say thanks to all the people out there who post their crafty pictures. At the moment I am in a real stitching place for the last year or so. I usually go through crafting phases where my craft of choice changes, however stitching is my big one at the minute. It means that I do feel bad that my other crafts are neglected.

However I digress. The crux of this post is how much I love looking at WIP's. It is so soothing and relaxing to look at how other people are getting on with their pieces. I love seeing how different projects are coming together. I end up trawling the internet looking for places where people have posted their WIP pics. I really love seeing completed or in progress pieces of charts that I am current stitching, have in my stash or on my wishlist.

So to all you fellow crafters and stitchers out there, a big thank you from me for taking the time to share your work.

I have also been trying to narrow my focus on projects for 2013. I have a number of goals in mind including:

I have to finish Oriental Elegance
I have a secret project I need to get done during the year
I have a project for my OH that he wants me to stitch for him
I want to finish Majestic Peacock
I want to finish QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask
I am planning a new start probably around May of HAED chart Autumn by Jacek Yerka with Spices of your life (Please do check out her brand new blog)
I also want to get the HAED BB SAL piece done.
And somewhere in with all of this, work and study I want to get work on Bridge of Wings done.

Wow that is a long list of things to try and get done. I wonder how many I will achieve. Majestic Peacock is going to be my first YOTA piece and I may have to restrict myself to maybe a week working on a YOTA piece in each month, but not sure yet. This list does not include work on Celtic Spring, QS Clara, QS Olianna, The Journey (Aveyond) or a number of other charts I have on the go :-s

How about you, have you all been thinking about your plans for 2013?


  1. Good luck with reaching your goals for next year. My lists started but I have to look around for what other wip's are lurking that I've forgotten about this weekend.

  2. I love looking at what everybody else is working on too.Good luck with your goals.x

  3. Good luck on your goals for next year.
    I agree... it has been great seeing everyone's WIP's :)

  4. Good luck with your goals and I'm sure the result will be stunning :)

  5. i also love looking at everyones stitching, also everyone has a different point of view so its a great way to pick up ideas i never would have thought of myself. i have a list of projects i would like to do next year, now if only i could stop adding to that list i might be able to achieve it.

  6. Good luck with your goals. I LOVE seeing WIP pictures too.

  7. I also get inspired by seeing the WIPs of others. It's fun to see multiple people working the same design different ways and to see projects I add to my wish list I might have not even gave a second look before seeing someone else's finish :)

  8. Wip photos are great! Yep my 2013 goals are listed and I have almost everything at the ready for them...I have decided on 10(!!) for next year.

  9. I did a challenge earlier this year called 12 for 2012, in which you complete one WIP project each month. I was doing ok on this until health issues came up. Once that was all resolved than this semester at college has been a tough one. I didn't even get done with half of my projects, however it was good to work on them. Not sure if another challenge for next year is being done, but even if not than I plan on doing one. My list that I didn't complete this year will make it on next years list.

  10. Hey craft4others I am hosting an event called YOTA which is aimed at helping people get unfinished projects done. The instructions are at the tab at the top of this blog. If you want to join in to help motivate yourself please do :)

  11. Happy Stitching!! Hope you enjoy all :)

  12. Blogs definitely provide us stitchers with a lot of eye candy!!!

  13. I am going to just take it one day at a time. I decided to start a new blog just for my stitching and I added your blog to the "blog list". Can't wait to keep up with you WIPs.


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