Monday, January 14, 2013

How to make my blogging better

Hey all. Today's post is an exercise in how to make my blogging better and more enjoyable for you all. I would really love to get some feedback from this so be as brutal as you like.

I'm wondering how interesting you guys find my posts. Are there other thing you would like me to talk about as well as the crafting updates?

When you comment, would you like a comment response? If so then should it be in the comments themselves or would you like an e-mail?

I know I don't do personal on my blog, the reason for this is I'm extremely cautious about personal information being on the internet. Does that bother you?

Would you like a little more variety in the posts, for me to talk about things other than stitching? I am in a very stitchy mode at the moment but I also game, read, love learning new things and do a number of crafts.

Any thoughts and suggestions you have would be much appreciated.

Hope you all have a great day.


  1. I love reading all your posts, whilst I'm purely a stitcher and suck at all other types of crafts, I love seeing pictures of other crafting.

    It doesn't bother me at all that you choose to keep all personal info out of your posts. Mine were originally going to be very anonymous but I ended up sharing more of myself as time went by. I feel that it's an individual thing and that each person decision to do that should be respected.

    When I comment I generally only expect a response if I ask a question. I don't mind if the response is on the blog, so that others can see the answer, or whether it's by e-mail, so that you can make sure I see it. I am a bit of a one for asking questions then forgetting I've asked them, but I do often remember and check back when I next visit the blog.

    I'm happy to read about a variety of subjects. Whilst my initial interest in a blog is generally that it's stitchy related, reading about people and their interests is nice, it helps you feel that you know people a little better. It's a great way to find out about new books and games that you might not discover. Most people have more than 1 interest and hearing about them is fun. If people don't want to read it then they can just read the stitchy stuff and comment on that.

    I've met some wonderful people via blogging that I chat with via email on a regular basis and now consider them to be friends. I love that a common interest can unite people from all over the globe.

    Sorry this is a rather long response, but I hope that some of it may be useful to you!

  2. I think you should put whatever you want on your blog. Sure, as the comment above said, some people will like certain things more than others, but that's ok. If you have something you like, you should be free to share it. I think I would vote for email replies. Sometimes I forget to check back. :-)

  3. This is a great question, and one I've been wondering myself with my blog.

    I love seeing and hearing about other crafts/project people are working on. Really what makes an interesting blog to me is that the author talks freely about whatever really insires them at the time.

    E-mail or in the posts? I fight with this as well as I usually aprove posts from my phone, and then don't remember to come back and repond to them from the computer (where I can type better:). It wouldn't matter to me either way, though.

    I look forward to seeing more stitching posts from you soon. And thank you for doing YOTA, it was a lot of fun to work on a project I hadn't touched in such a long time!!!

  4. It is your blog you should feel free to post (or not post) what you like! I personally only talk about general things when I talk about friends and family (such as if we go see a certain movie etc).

    Comment wise I agree with Miamina, if I ask a question then I would expect some kind of response even if it was just "I don't know"

    I come here for the stitching post mainly but I always enjoy seeing photos and reading about new things I may not have tried (such as food recipes or a good book).

    As long as you enjoy your blogging then I wouldn't worry about it :)


    Emma/Itzy xo

  5. I enjoy your blog and all the crafts you do. I mostly stitch myself, but other crafts slip into mode sometimes. I believe, in writing a blog, there is no need to get personal, and yet when sharing your stitching that seems personal enough, because it shows, your goals, fortitude, enjoyment and willingness to be part of a huge worldwide group. When leaving a comment it doesn't mean I have to have a reply, only if I ask a question and if you left that on your blog comments by the question, the I would find it. I do try to reply somehow to all comments left on my blog, but that's just me with extra time. I, sometimes, have thought it would be fine without a comment section, since showing the pics of work that I've done is part of how I like to share in the cross stitch world. :) Happy Blogging!! :)

  6. I was originally just going to have my blog be about crafts that I made for other people, but now include books I am reading/want, as well as several craft and reading challenges that I have joined. I couldn't pass up sharing my love of books with others, and didn't want to have two separate blogs. I think each person should share the joys and passions they have with others, if they are so inclined.=0)

  7. Hi-- Your blog has just been loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. I look forward to reading your special post on the day of the party. Hope you make lots of new friends for your blog!

  8. I like to read whatever you post on your blog, in whatever manner and fashion and if you want to reply to comments I think it should be in whatever way you want to do so. I consider this your own personal space and you can discuss as little or as much as you please and I'm happy with that. Where I may not always comment I do read.

  9. Hello

    Your blog is lovely!
    I'm a new blogger and I'm very cautious of what to include.
    Your stitching is beautiful.

  10. I don't include identifying stuff in my blog either! My profile pic is my stitching and my boys are called Large and Small.

    I personally prefer stitching blogs, I like lots of photos, close ups of finished projects to show the details, links to relevant sites (so I don't have to seach), labels so I can find things easily.

    I'm not keen on recipes and cooking stuff but just skim over it. Book reviews and arty things are great as are links to interesting articles.

    Politics are a big turn-off, I like to think everyone has the same beliefs as me and get upset when they turn out to be raving loonies on the political front LOL.

    I'm doing the YOTA but as part of the wipocalypse so I'm not necessarily posting on the same day as everyone else. I will link to you when I do the updates though.

    Happy Stitching xx


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