Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Stitching......Booooo

Well not much stitching and none I can show you. I did start a secret project which is going to be a present. While I am fairly sure they don't read my blog, I really want it to be a surprise so I can't show you. I will post when it is done and given away though.

I'm having a very stressful time at the moment, everything in my life seems to be going crazy; health, personal, work, college everything. If I am missing over the next little while it is probably because something else has come up that needs attention so I apologise in advance.

While I haven't been getting in a lot of stitching I have been doing a couple of other things when I have a free minute. I have been reading the first of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I have to say I am enjoying it. If you like high fantasy then this is worth a try. I can understand why people might find it a bit daunting though as there are so many books in this series, and I can't say much on the rest of the series as I am only on the first, but if you have been wondering about it I would say give it a go as I find it quite enjoyable.

I have also been playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIII. I really like the Final Fantasy games because I always find they have great stories the only problem with them is they can be a bit of a grind (this means you have to spend hours just running around killing things to level up enough to move on) but I have always enjoyed playing them (except XI which was online and I didn't like it).

Lastly I would just like to tell you about a great film I went to see twice in the cinema. It was Argo. This was such an amazing film based the a true story about a CIA agent who tries to get 6 Americans diplomats out of revolutionary Iran. Ben Afflick does an amazing job on the acting and direction of this movie and I think it is well worth seeing.

Well I will dismount my soap box now. Have a great day :)

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