Thursday, January 3, 2013

QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask - update

I haven't had a lot of time to work on a lot of my projects. I have been hopping around a bit from project to project. Never really settling on anything so I have little bits of progress on a number of projects.

So here is my progress on QS Fairy with Butterfly Mask:

HAED - QS Fairy of Butterfly Mask
This is page one, most of page 2 and part of page 4. I feel so much happier with my progress when I progress in 10x10 blocks working in columns per half page. I feel like I actually manage to get some done. I like how she is coming together.

I have been so tempted to make a new start. I have been very strict with myself though, I need some finishes before starting anything else.

Have a great day everyone :)


  1. Such an enabler! She is a beauty:)

  2. Gorgeous work! She's coming along very well. I just started my first HAED, Candy Rush. Should be fun, and I made of goal of 3 years. lol Should be done by then!! :)

  3. How beautiful!! Wonderful progress :)

  4. Great progress. She is beautiful.

  5. She looks beautiful!

    Is there a particular new start calling to you, or is it just startitus?

  6. She is looking great so far! You are so disciplined...3 new starts already this year :/


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