Saturday, March 9, 2013

Progress on Thistle

Some more progress on my Margaret Sherry Hedgehog. I had to frog quite a bit of the flower pot, for those who remember, I felt the DMC 975 was too dark when compare to the lighter DMC 976. I changed the DMC 975 to 301. I think this looks better.

Margaret Sherry - Summer Fun Booklet
This guy is so cute. I have to say that I really like MS designs. I hope to do all the Summer Fun booklet. Not sure what I will do with them once they are done but I will have fun figuring out.

Have a great day :)


  1. Very cute. I have never stitched a MS design, but really like them.

  2. This is coming along great, won't be long until you finish it :-)

  3. He's coming along nicely! I love MS designs, they are so cute although the back stitch can sometimes be a bit of a pain to do.

  4. This little hedgehog will look adorable when he's done!

  5. Hello

    Your hedgehog looks lovely, so cute!

  6. The lighter brown does look better! Sweet design!


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