Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Bits

I have been hopping around on some projects while I am trying to get my college project done. Because of this I like to just work on whatever takes my fancy on my breaks. So I have been doing a bit on Oliana Otter colouring in. Again she is quite fun to do once I managed to get into a groove with it.

HAED - QS Oliana Otter
I am really looking forward to finishing up with my deadline. I will probably start going crazy with having nothing to spend all my time on after about a week, but I am really looking forward to seeing more of my family and friends. They have been neglected a bit lately with having so much to do.

Have a great day all :)


  1. Its gorgeous. I love watching you color it in.


  2. Great job on the coloring =) I hope she will get a mouth soon ;-)
    And good luck with your college project =)


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