Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Autumn SAL 1st Post

I have mentioned before that I was doing a SAL of Jacek Yerka's Autumn (found here). I am stitching this one along with Spices up your Life!. I am starting on page 1 of this design and it the largest pattern I have ever attempted. The total stitch count on this is 349,375 so it may take me a while. This SAL is going to updated once a month on the 15th and I will be making a tab at the top to detail our progress. We would love for anyone who is interested to join in with us. Just drop either of us a mail. There are no goals for this just stitch whatever we can each month and share our progress.

So here is my preparation photo:

For any colours where more than one skein was required I purchased them all together for all other colours I just used what was in my stash. This is page 1 gridded. I am stitching this on 28ct Jobelan evenweave 2 over 1 tent stitch.

I have managed to make a start on this, not a huge start but something:

HAED - Autumn
This is the first 2,500 stitches on page 1, only 346,875 stitches to go :D Unfortunately it doesn't look like much yet just a grey brown blob but if you look closely you can see the start of trees.


  1. Oh my....what a lot of stitches! Good luck with this project it will be stunning when completed.

  2. Great start on your new SAL. Those charts scare me. Have fun.


  3. I love his work, introduced to it by Heaven and Earth Designs, this will be a beautiful piece. Enjoy the journey

  4. I'm so glad you ladies have decided to stitch a Yerka chart. I will hang out for the 15th of every month to see your wips! I love that you are both starting at different ends it makes it more exciting I think, Kim (scully236) and I are doing the same thing with HAED Rose Cerise.

    You're off to a brilliant start, just looking at the threads all kitted up shows how rich in colour this masterpiece will be. Happy stitching!
    xox Alicia

  5. Looking forward to watching this one grow. I have several HAEDs in my stash but have not had the nerve to start one. I

  6. Beautiful work and lots of confetti there. Great chart! Bap's are well worth the effort(have few myself....)

  7. You have made a great start, well done!


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