Thursday, May 2, 2013

Now in High Definition

I finished off all the cross stitching on my MS hedgehog, named Thistle. I have started the back stitching and love how it brings the piece to life and add definition, hense the title :) I just adore his little smile, so cute.

Margaret Sherry - Summer Fun Booklet
However the back stitching on this quite challenging and as I have stitched it on Aida fabric I keep having to break through the fabric for the back stitching because it's quite often charted half way between two holes in the fabric. Therefore I plan to do any future MS designs on evenweave which should make the back stitching a little easier.

I am so glad that people enjoyed seeing how Bridge of Wings has come together to date. It is quite motivating to see it in this way, as a number of commenters mentioned. In fact everytime I look at that post all I want to do is settle down for a long night with Bridge. Alas it is not to be, I have had other more pressing things that have needed to seen to.


  1. As a fellow enthusiast of huge projects, it's great to have little things to make you feel like you're actually getting work done!

    I love this guy. I'm thinking of getting a pet hedgehog.

  2. When I first saw your Bridge of Wings, it prompted me to purchase a HAED from the same designer - It is truely an awesome chart, your work wonderful

    Love your HedgeHog too - agree with the backstitching issue

  3. Your hedgie is adorable!! :)

  4. Your hedgehog is so sweet!!! I really thing the backstitching always finish off a design. I'm also on the backstitch stage on my Gorjuss girl and I'm not having fun :P Have a great weekend!

  5. What a sweet finish. The backstitching really has brought him to life.


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