Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have progress... Autumn SAL

I finally have something to show you all on my Autumn SAL with Spices up your Life!
I have to admit that she is doing much better on this one than I am but hopefully my schedule has settled down enough for me to make some decent progress on this in the future.

The first page of this design has been pure torture, I don't know why it has felt like it has taken me forever but it has. Maybe it was because I never had a chance to get a good run at it. Anyway I finally did it and finished page 1 and moved onto the next page down which is page 10.

So here is where I was last time I worked on this, 2 months ago (hangs head in shame)

Jacek Yerka Autumn SAL
And here is where I am now:

Jacek Yerka Autumn SAL - as at 17th Sept 2013
It might not look it but those grey areas with the fine branches are confetti hell but I am enjoying watching it come together and the page I am working on now has the first part of one of the flying books so very excited about that!

Please make sure you check out HERE for better progress on this one by Spices up your life!


  1. Beautiful work! I love how detailed it is :)

  2. Good gracious that's a lot of confetti! I absolutely love how detailed it looks. Great job!

  3. Congratulations on a page finished! First page is always the hardest. Once you have passed it, you will move on faster for sure! I know stitching Yerka's work is quite tricky but totally worth every single stitch. Cause details are everywhere unlike some other pattern and you must be proud of yourself. Can't wait to see the flying book!

  4. Looks gorgeous. The confetti will be worth it in the end.

  5. Great progress, but that looks down right scary to stitch with all that floss hanging down.


  6. I could imagine the confetti. It is looking great:)

  7. amazing work !!
    all those confetti stitches...but it's looking really great
    well done =)

  8. You are doing so well, clever girl.

  9. You are doing a great job, lady =) The outcome is amazing and I think you are making good progress on this one =)


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