Monday, September 23, 2013

IHSW Progress

Hey all. Hope those who participated in IHSW this month got loads done. For those who have no idea what IHSW is, please check out my definitions tab at the top for the link.

Well I did manage a little bit of stitching and some I can show you, and some I can't. I did some work on Autumn but you won't see that until the 15th of October so I'm afraid you will just have to wait. However I did do some work on the HAED SAL piece, I really like QS Literate Dragon and I would love to get him done. Also there are two of the other patterns I really like, so I need to get page 1 done at least. I have seen some of the completed ones now and just love them. I am also trying out a new parking method because I do find when I stitch in 10x10 block in vertical rows I get lines in the stitching. For the most part they can't be seen but they still bother me so I am trying something else. Details later when I see if it working out for me or not ;)

Anyway here is my progress on QS Literate Dragon:

HAED BB SAL - QS Literate Dragon Randal Spangler
Not much but it's a start and I am hoping to get a good piece more done over the week. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else got on.


  1. Good start - it must have taken you ages just to prepare the fabric!

  2. Good start. It is looking wonderful!

  3. Great progress. Its looking good.


  4. Great start. I admire anyone who will tackle a HAED!

  5. a new great start =)
    can't wait to see more as usual....
    happy stitching =)

  6. Great progress! I'm interested to hear about the technique that you are trying. I like to do vertical columns as well however the lines can be a drama. I hope it works out and that you can share it with us.
    Alicia xo

  7. Great progress on the dragon. The colors look like they are going to be very nice!

    I worry about page lines too. I've never done any huge projects, but the ones I've done with multiple pages always made me nervous. I tend to purposely stitch across the page lines into the next page if possible with whatever color I'm using. It breaks up the hard line and makes it almost invisible since the colors don't start and stop in the same place. I've never stitched in 10 X 10 blocks because I never could get the hang of parking.

    I'd love to see what technique you are trying!


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