Friday, October 11, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

I have now had a good look (about 6 times) through all the Just Cross Stitch magazines I got access to with my digital subscription. I get so excited and happy every time I look at them, which has been much needed of late.

So I have had an idea, I think I am going to make a Christmas ornament for some of the people in my life. It would be about 7 ornaments in total at least and maybe one or two more. Do you think I can make them all in time for Christmas? I also have another project I need to get finished for the same time which is a bit bigger than an ornament.

I may even do a Pull The Other's Thread's Christmas Ornament Challenge and post my progress once a week to you all. It might help to keep me on track.

What do you guys think? Would I get them all done in time? Do you want to watch me attempt such a feat?


  1. I like JCS, too. You could easily stitch one ornament a week and have time left over.

  2. It's worth a try. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. sure you can =D
    Can't wait to see your progress...
    go go go we want to see the first =))


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