Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ridiculously Excited

So while reading blogs I often find people working on amazing charts from publications that I can not get my hands on. The most recent of these is the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ornaments edition which has an amazing Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven chart which I fell in love with when I saw it on Back on the Wall and the Christmas Ornament edition which was on By the Babbling Brooke

However I knew I would never be able to get my little mitts on these issue but I said I would give it a shot and did a web search. The Just Cross Stitch website came up, so click on it I did. I was over joyed by what I saw. A digital subscription to the magazine for a year starting with the Christmas ornament issue and with access to 2 years of archive issues for an extremely reasonable price. Now I know that this means I will have to print the charts I want to work on but as I make working copies anyway that's not a big deal. So I paid my money and had access straight away to download the current issue and the archived issues!

Now you might be saying to yourself, I thought she said she wanted the Halloween Ornament edition too, and so I did. However as this is a special edition it wasn't included in the subscription, but the price of the subscription was so reasonable I didn't mind paying some extra for the Halloween ornament issue. So after a quick scroll of the website I saw the Halloween Ornament edition, I was transferred to another site, which seemed to be affiliated with the Just Cross Stitch site and I purchased my digital download copy of Halloween Ornaments. I was able to download and save the .pdf straight away and spend some very happy minutes looking at all the pretty patterns.

The only problem is that there are so many I want to do, I don't know when I will get the time :D So anyone who has problems getting access to the Just Cross Stitch magazine, the digital download option is amazing, the price is fabulous and best of all it is available to anyone all over the World. You will be seeing some of the wonderful patterns in progress here VERY soon.


  1. So glad for you! I still have to look into this.. Now, I expect you'll be keeping your printer busy, printing all these great charts!! :D

  2. I saw this offer the other day and it's been eating away at me ever since. I really, really want to do the subscription but mostly I want the special editions of the magazine and they aren't included. Now I can't decide what I want more!

  3. What a great offer! I love the american charts. How would you stitch from a digital magazine though? Am I just being dim?!

  4. That's great :) I'm tempted by the digital subscription myself - can you save issues to your computer or are they read only?
    Happy stitching ^___~

  5. I've just subscribed and am busily downloading back issues to read on the train tomorrow. Thanks again for the tip and your helpful email.

  6. no , you're not 'ridiculously' excited =)
    just excited =)
    thank you for the link !
    I can't find all those magazines in France, at least where I live !!
    digital issues are great then =)
    enjoy your charts, can't wait which one you'll stitch =)

  7. Heehee...I saw this offer too! Great to have access to all those back issues...except that it makes your to-do pile even longer!!!

  8. I have thought about getting a digital subscription when my current paper sub runs out. Being in the UK I have to wait longer for my ONS to get them and the ornament magazine seemed to take even longer! It doesn't include the Halloween issue though so I haven't got that one.

  9. What a coincidence!I did the subscription a week or so ago but haven't sent in a payment.
    Have you seen the CD set with 10 years of back issues? I'm seriously thinking of that.


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