Thursday, November 7, 2013

QS Literate Dragon

I have been working on this trying to get as much progress on it as I can before the end of the SAL. This is about the half page done. I really want the rest of this page finished ASAP, so will probably continue to work on it for now.

Last time:


I am happy with how I have done and can see his hand and the pipe, which is great. This is a nice piece as this is the only full page in it, the rest are partials. However it is incredibly confetti heavy. Sorry about the few gaps in the last piece of his chest I stitched, I was stitching on lunch in work and didn't have anymore of that colour with me.


  1. Looks great. Can't believe you can concentrate enough on a lunch break to work on something like this- I'm very impressed.

  2. very beautiful, beautiful details

  3. This is flying along! Keep going! :D

  4. You have made some really good progress this go around.


  5. incredible !
    I'm so late in my blogs updates that I just commented on the previous step of this piece...and hoooo...already a new great progress ! =D
    Each time I'm amazed !
    very great job !

  6. He looks fantastic. I love how you stitch. Are you stitching the bits you like first or is there some method to it?
    xo Alicia

  7. That's a lot of stitching !! I have not done such complicated projects yet. Great work!!

  8. HUGE progress!! I love it, it's coming along really nicely ;)

  9. Great work on this one, I love how your dragon turns out =) I'm sure you'll be able to finish the page before the end of the SAL =)

  10. Wow!! Great progress!! Those colours look gorgeous :D


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