Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Margaret Sherry Finish

As some of you know my plan for the year was to cut my WIP list right down. To that end I am working on two main projects and I am allowed one small at any one time. Once a big project is finished I then will take another from my UFO pile and work on that. At the moment my two big projects are Dimensions Gold Majestic Peacock and HAED Autumn by Jacek Yerka. However there is no way Autumn will be finished this year as it is huge but hopefully I will get Majestic Peacock done and can move on to something else.

I was tempted to start a new small but I had a Margaret Sherry that just need the backstitching, which I have been avoiding, so I gritted my teeth, told myself 'no new starts allowed' and picked this up.

Margaret Sherry - Summer Fun Booklet
So I finished this one off last night except a few French knots which were deciding that they were going to try and make me crazy. I just need to put in the those and it will be complete. I did change one of the colours in the pot he is in so I will give you that change next time, if I can find it :) I now have a Joan Elliott small I had put a few stitches into a while back, so that is next on the finishing list.

I will say one thing about this design and that is that I will never again do a MS design on Aida, it makes the back stitching a nightmare, as I kept having to pierce the fabric, so next MS design (because I do love them) will be on evenweave only!


  1. I like your system of getting your WIP's narrowed down while allowing yourself the opportunity to do a small project each month. Your Margaret Sherry project looks great! I'm sure that back stitching was no fun, but the finished product turned out fantastic. Stay strong and try to stick to those guidelines you created. I may adopt your plan myself!

  2. Lovely finish.

    Greetings, Manuela

  3. Congrats on the cute finish. Like your stitching goals but don't think I could stick with it.


  4. This is such a darling finish!!! Great going with the backstitching! Can't wait to see your JE next. :D

  5. What a great idea! All the horrible back stitching on the aida paid off because your finish is so so sweet!! Well done

  6. Congrats on the lovely finish !!:)

  7. hooo adorable fellow =)
    I love MS hedgehogs (even if I, of course, prefer her mice =D)
    you did a great job
    indeed, MS + Aïda is not a very good association, but the result here is perfect =)
    well done

  8. I totally hear you about the pain of stitching MS designs on aida. It's pretty tough! Evenweave is much better. All the backstitch in her designs can be annoying, but I do love seeing the blocks of colour turn into an adorable little face under my needle. :)

  9. Adorable!!! Well done :)

  10. Aww he is so cute. I agree with you about french knots, I usually replace them with beads.

    Great stitching plan! I wouldn't have the discipline but it would totally work for you as you seem to good willpower. Good luck with it.
    Alicia xo


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