Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some work on my mini

I have managed to get some progress in on my Joan Elliott mini. Sometimes I like to do some backstitching as a break from the little crosses and the back stitching on JE's mini projects is really straight forward. It can be quite relaxing. I also love watching that bit of definition make all the difference.

The Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection - Thank Heavens for Mum Cards
I'm leaving out the wording on this pattern as I like to have a few smalls to make into gifts and I want to try out some different finishing techniques. I think she is coming together really nicely, just another band of colour at the bottom of her dress, her hands, shoes and the back stitching left.

It is a shame that the subtle colour changes on areas of the fabby aren't visible in the photo, it looks completely uniform but it isn't. Apologies for the hoop marks. I am hoping to get some work on my YOTA piece over the rest of the week so I probably won't get this finished until the weekend, unless I have a free hour while I'm out and about.


  1. Hello

    She is looking lovely, the colours are really pretty.

  2. It's looking very sweet!! :) I can see the color changes when I enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

  3. The little girl is very sweet.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. this little girl is so sweet !!
    reminds me of 'all our yesterdays' =)
    and you're stitching her so beautifully
    it must change you from Autumn =D

  5. The backstitching does look nice on this one! I absolutely hate backstitching when it's not straightforward and I rarely ever come across straightforward backstitching anymore. I think it's why I prefer HAED's.

  6. What a cute design. I too, love to backstitch. I need to work on my YOTA this week.


  7. She is coming along beautifully - I so agree, to do a little backstitching along the way

  8. I like it! Congrats on the finish!!


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